We live in a world that would not function without software. New software is developed every day and existing systems are modified, modernized and extended. I created THE FLUENT DEVELOPER to show you how to develop, modernize and extend software professionally. You can use it to advance your career as a software developer, whether you are freelance, self-employed or employed.

The content of THE FLUENT DEVELOPER is based on my many years of experience as a developer, consultant, coach and trainer. Nowhere else will you find a comparable wealth of valuable explanations, best practices and tips and tricks for planning, developing and maintaining web applications.

My examples use the open source programming language PHP because it is readily available and because much of the World Wide Web we know is based on PHP. However, most of the knowledge in THE FLUENT DEVELOPER is also applicable independently of any particular programming language.

May THE FLUENT DEVELOPER be useful to you. Please use your acquired knowledge for good purposes.

Good luck with your learning,